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Thoughts, dreams, prayers of a girl learning to breath.

A slave's heart

9/4/05 07:18 pm - Updates

What's been going on with me... Read updatesCollapse )

8/28/05 01:58 am - Uncertainty

I had intended to take this journal down and vanish. I don't know that I can do that. Right now, I don't know much of anything, at all.ThoughtsCollapse )

8/23/05 06:53 pm - Facing Reality

No doubt, at some point, folks will realize that this journal has been locked and no longer updated. I have had to face some very real truths in the past two days and in light of that, I have decided that, for my own emotional, mental and physical well being, it is no longer wise or responsible to bare my soul or person online.

I am a woman of integrity and honor and make it my point to be as honest and upfront as is humanly possible. I do not think that it is too much to ask that that be respected, valued and returned to me. Frankly, I want nothing to do with any who thinks that expecting honesty is too much to ask for.

I cannot, and will not, be other then who I am. I cannot, and will not, allow anyone to make me feel dirty, or used, or like less the person I know myself to be.

I hope that someday I will find what I seek. I know, however, that it is unwise, and irresponsible, to allow myself to be hurt in the course of searching.

More importantly, I have come to the conclusion that, while I am not there, at the moment, I know where am I wanted and valued and respected, both for who I am, and who I might become. I will wait until I can go home and have faith that the people who the most to me, will welcome me back into their midst.

In the meantime, I wish all who read this well. I hope, with every fiber of my being that all find what they are looking for and live their lives to the utmost of their potential. Be well. Be wise. Be safe.

8/18/05 11:40 am - Because I must.

What opened my eyes...Read the poemCollapse )

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